Free and confidential testing for Alpha-1 is available through the Alpha-1 Coded Testing Study.

This research study examines people’s thoughts and feelings about the risks and benefits associated with learning genetic information. In addition, correlations between genes and disease are being studied. The test is a finger stick you can do at home, and the results are mailed to your home.

To receive a testing kit, you must first sign an informed consent and fill out a research questionnaire. Per our ACT Study protocol, each participant 18 years of age and above must sign their own consent and respond to their own questionnaire. Parents/guardians must fill out consents and questionnaires for each of their minor children. Spouses must also fill out their own forms. If no Internet access is available, you may request paper forms.

Please read the Informed Consent Form. On the bottom of the page, enter your email address and the age of the subject that is being tested, then click next page to start digital signature(s).

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